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Hi, we made this blog for the people who see it to know all about conserving H2O (Water), and all the benefits it would bring you in your current life. Also in this blog we are going to show you other important things about wasting water, and also other things about measurement, and important information about volume and capacity.

Finally we hope you would enjoy this blog!

Thanks: Camila Mideros & Alejandra Charry.

MATH Phase 1.

Prior Knowledge Volume & Capacity

This is the Prior Knowledge of Volume and Capacity.



Capacity is a measure of how much a container can hold. Also the maximum amount or number that can be contained or accommodated .


Good there are a lot of people that doesn't know what is volume and they want to know . Then they killed their head looking for math definitions but I here have a form and a definition very simple that will be easy to understand .

Volume measures the space that matter occupies .Volume is measured in cubic units. The volume of a figure is the number of cubes required to fill it completely.

Difference between Volume and Capacity

Hear are the differences between volume and capacity

Capacity is how much can fit into something, . Volume is the amount of space that is taken up whether or not there is something in it or it is solid, expressed in cubic cm or m or km.

Chart Volume & Capacity.

This is a chart showing some differences and similarities about Volume and Cpacity.

Volume and Capacity Video

Phase II

Volume measurement chart

This is a volume measurement table that shows different forms to measure liquids.

Phase II Experience questions.

Alejandra Charry:
b.While taking a shower I spend like 15 or 20 minutes, or in a hurry like 10.
c.In a day I take a shower 2 times.
d.In a week, in total I take a shower 13 tmes.
e. Problem 1: If you take a shower 2 time in a day, How many times would you take a shower in a month?

Problem 2: If in a single shower you spend 30 minutes, how much water would you been wasting?

Camila Questions

B : I spend 15 minutes taiking a shower but in the morning i spend 9 minutes

C : I take the shower 2 times at day exepct the sundays

D : In a week i take like 12 showers

E: If you spend ____________ ml or l of water in one shower. How many ml os water did you spend in two showers the _________ days of the week

F: What we can do for no spend those ____________ l or ml , using the toilet .

Experience Questions 2

Alejandra Charry:

a: In 24 hours I flush the toilet 4 times.

b: When I brush my teeth, I take about 2-3 minutes. I don´t spend so much water when I brush my teeth.

c: In a day I brush my teeth 2 times.

d: Washing my hands, I take like 1 minute, and I think I don´t waste so much water, because when I am rubbing my hand with soap, I turn off the faucet.

Experience # 2

Camila Mideros

A . In 24 hours i flush the toilet 6 times .

B. I spend 3 minutes brushing my teeths .

C. In the day i brush my theeths 2 times

D . I dont spend to much time washing my hand i think that i spend seconds because i also use desinfectant so i dont waste to much water.

Conserving water video:

Phase III


1) How much water do you spend in one day? Write in liters and Gallons.

2) How much water do you spend in one month? Write in liters and gallons.

Alejandra´s and Camila ´s Answers:

1) In one day (24 hours), in my house I spend about 22.783 liters of water, and about 5.557 Gallons of water.

2) In one month (30 days), in my house I spend about 683.550 litersof water, and about 136.710 Gallons of water.


Power Point Presentation About H2O=Excretion.

H2O and excretion in the human body

This are some images showing some of the relationship between water and excretion in the body.


This is a Power Point presentation about the run out of water in the world and its solutions.

Essta es una presentacion en Power Point que muestra La escasez del Agua en el mundo y sus soluciones.

Power Point About Water News/ Noticias del agua P.P.


Social studies virtual booklet ( How do people use Water resources?)

This is my virtual booklet of social studies class (How do people use water resources?).
Enjoy it!

Virtual booklet #2

This is my Virtual booklet about water, and natural resources.

Enjoy it!


Esta es una presentacion en power point que muestra la historia de el acueducto de Bogota, y tambien que responde unas preguntas del tema, y de su periodo colonial.

Tambien mostramos otra power point sobre el acueducto de cali.

Y Para terminar, un video sobre el acueducto de san antonio:



Camila's Autobiography:

My autobiography Alejandra

Hi, this is my autobiography: